W&W Auto Electrical are a Draeger authorised installer of alcohol interlock systems for people convicted of drink driving offences.

Services include:
* Installation
* Monthly Rental/Service (Monitoring Check & Calibration)
* Removal

Fees associated with alcohol interlocks are standardised across all Victorian agents. 
Please call for all Installation, Rental/Service and Removal costs.

*  Participating drivers who hold certain concession cards may be eligible for reduced fees  (please call for further information).

Further information:
For reliability and ease of use we utilise Draeger branded interlock devices. These are manufactured in Germany and not only offer the latest technology but are cost effective, have low failure rates and require no drilling, cutting or structural alterations to your vehicle to install.

Installation typically takes between 2-3 hours but can take longer depending on the vehicle. Bookings are therefore essential.
Before installation customers must bring with them:
Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate (available on Vic Roads Website)
Evidence of Identity (100 point of identification)